M57 – Ring Nebula

Subject: M57 - Ring Nebula
Telescope: Celestron CPC 800 with f/6.3 reducer
Camera: Canon Rebel T1i
Technique: 9 lights between 1600 and 6400 ISO with varying exposures. Total exposure time of 5 minutes. 5 darks. 52 biases.
Prime focus. Stacked with Deep Sky Stacker. Post-processing in photoshop.

Tonight’s bright waxing gibbous moon gave me some difficulties and I was only able to salvage 9 exposures of the ring nebula. The nebula itself is only about 1.3 arcminutes in diameter making it difficult to see with smaller telescopes and binoculars. Fortunately, it’s blue color from oxygen emission lines are easy to pick up by an unmodified camera. The outer red hydrogen emissions tend do take longer exposure times to render.

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