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Blood Moon

Subject: Moon during total lunar eclipse
Camera: Canon Rebel T1i

I was lucky enough to have a clear night for tonight’s total lunar eclipse. I snapped a few single shots of the moon in umbra and penumbra of the earth’s shadow for comparison as well as a wide shot of the moon and Mars. It would have been better for me to take a video and stack the frames for clearer shots, but apparently 3am is too late for me to think about these sorts of things.


For those of you who saw the eclipse with your own eyes, you probably noticed the red hue the moon took when completely obscured by the earth’s shadow. This is due to the way the last little bit of sunlight passes through the earth’s atmosphere before reaching the moon...

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Subject: Moon - Waxing Crescent
Telescope: Celestron CPC 800 with HD Pro Wedge
Technique: 1/100 seconds at 800 iso in prime focus

Tonight was the first night without clouds since I got my new wedge. Unfortunately, the visibility was low, the humidity high, and the wind too strong to take any long exposures. I did finally take a shot of the moon though.

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Moon Closeups


Subject: Moon
Telescope: Celestron CPC 800 with HD Pro Wedge
Technique: 1/200 seconds at 3200 iso in prime focus with 2x barlow lens

Here are two shots I took with my barlow lens to get some extra magnification. The barlow doubles magnification at the cost of brightness, this is why I had to change the exposure and iso, resulting in a little more noise than usual.

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